Guitar Pickups

Our plastic-covered humbuckers are still sealed with epoxy therefore they are covered by the same lifetime guarantee we offer on all our epoxy pickups.

Our signature single coil Strat and Tele pickups not only look great they sound great too.

This is our signature humbucker model. We can build this to any specification required, providing you with your own tone and stylish look.

Our single coil pickups come in many varieties. Here you can see our plastic-covered Kent Armstrong signature model. In these covers we can wind any specification for a single coil you would like or, alternatively, we could build one of our “SS” (side-by-side) humbuckers.

This epoxy-cast humbucker has the advantage of not having any plastic bobbins inside it. This allows the coil to be in direct contact with the magnetic field, which considerably improves the inductance of the coil, providing a nice tight tone.