Miscellaneous Pickups

We can make soundhole pickups in many different shapes and sizes. This example is in a plastic cover with built-in tone and volume pots.

Here is an example of a small mandolin single coil pickup: just 55mm x 17mm x 10mm. We can (and have) made pickups for everything from zithers to ukuleles.

Our poled mandolin humbucker comes in 3 different string spacings: 33mm, 35mm and 37mm.

This is our Hofner replacement. It comes with a bass plate, two thumb wheels and posts for mounting and height-adjustment. Unlike the original, this pickup is cast in solid epoxy and so should never break.

Have you got an old Aria bass with a broken pickup that can’t be rewound? You wouldn’t be the only one, but here is the solution. We can make this Aria pickup to sound like the original, but usually we give it a bit more kick.

We make all the pickups for Celinder Basses. This particular jazz bass model uses our “SS” hum-cancelling design.