Repair & Rewind services

We offer an all-encompassing pickup repair and rewind service.

Whatever you’ve got, we’ve probably seen it before. So don’t be shy: send it on down to us, we’ll take a look.

All of our epoxy-cast pickups come with a lifetime guarantee; since each one is a sealed unit nothing can move about internally, which means that it should never break.

Unfortunately most pickups aren’t built to last forever and a lot of them aren’t built to last at all! But don’t despair: most pickups can be fixed or, if they can’t be fixed, they can be replaced.

Whether it’s an original DeArmond which one evening decides to give up on you or a broken bargain bought from e-bay, the process of fixing the pickup is the same.

The Process:
When we receive a broken pickup we first check it with a multi-meter, looking to see whether there is anything obvious that is causing it to fail. If nothing obvious is found we start carefully dissecting the pickup, looking for anything like breaks or shorts along the way that could be causing the problem. During the dissection we would be taking careful notes of the layout of the pickup, the direction of windings, the coil size and which wires join to where: all vitally important for when we put it all back together. If we find nothing fixable then we strip the wire away and measure its gauge with a micrometer. Armed with all this information we wind a new coil to the same specification (or different if you would like to alter the sound). The coils are then submerged in hot wax and the pickup is put back together again.

Then it’s on its way back to you with a new lease of life but the same antiquated look.

Ready to rock again!