Jazz Guitar Pickups

Due to our unique way of winding coils without plastic bobbins, this neck-mount jazz guitar humbucker can achieve a wonderfully warm jazzy tone.

One of our most popular jazz pickups, this pickup is internally balanced to compensate for what can often be an overpowering B string on many jazz guitars. This leaves you with a beautifully smooth and even response: perfect for the discerning jazz player.

The clearance between the strings and the body can often be an issue when mounting pickups on jazz guitars, here is our solution. Measuring just 7.5mm deep, this is one of our thinnest pickups and, despite the design constraints, this pickup is still internally balanced,
giving a even sweet tone.

With adjustable pole pieces this scratchplate-mount jazz pickup can be easily balanced. At 11.5mm deep it will fit the majority of jazz guitars and will provide a truly unique tone.

This is our Johnny Smith model, available in chrome, black or gold. It comes in plain-top, 6-pole and even 12-pole versions (which provides the ability to really balance the pickup beautifully).

This is one of our customised jazz guitar pickups. This particular one is made for Mike Vanden Guitars.