Here you’ll find our basic pricing structure. Please bear in mind that these are guidelines and can vary for more specialised jobs.



Repairs & Rewinds

Single coil hot waxing & testing £10
Humbucker hot waxing & testing £15
Full single coil (or one coil in a humbucker) rewind, hot waxing & testing £30
Full humbucker rewind, hot waxing & testing £50
Pickup repair (often a rewind is not necessary) £15-£20


Hand-made pickups

As we do such a vast array of bespoke, hand-made pickups it is impossible to list all prices but as a guideline:

Our single coil pickups start from £60
Our humbuckers start from £90
For chrome, black or gold covers & waxing add £10
For laser engraving add £10
For one-off moulding from a master £15


All these prices are for bespoke pickups that can be wound to any specification you require to get your desired sound.

If you wanted a super-sweet sounding PAF with Alnico IIIs and a gold cover engraved with a name/logo then it would be: £90 for the pickup, £10 for the cover & waxing and £10 for the laser engraving, so £110 overall.



  • All prices include standard 1st class mail shipping to the U.K. If you would like your pickups to be sent special delivery, or if they are going abroad, please add £5.
  • If you are a trade customer or are looking to make a large order, please contact us: we may be able to negotiate on these prices.
  • If what you are after isn’t covered here, please contact us for a quote.